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About Rythmia Domain Company, LLC

Rythmia Domain Company, LLC is owned and operated by Gerard Armond Powell. Gerard Powell is a successful entreprenuer, owning companies ranging from leasing high quality domain names with matching vanity 800 numbers to purchasing accounts receivable, obtaining money owed, factoring, and loan pool and distressed loan sales.

Mr. Gerard Powell's capital management strategies push his companies to the pinnacle of business factoring. Please read the following articles to find out more about Gerard Powell:

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What is factoring?

Factoring is often used synonymously with accounts receivable financing. Factoring is a form of commercial finance whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (in the form of invoices) at a discount. Effectively, the business is no longer dependent on the conversion of accounts receivable to cash from the actual payment from their customers, which takes place on typical 30-to-90-day terms. Businesses benefit from the acceleration of cash flow by obtaining cash from the factor equal to the face value of the sold accounts receivable, less a factor's fee. Factoring is considered off balance sheet financing in that it is not a form of debt or a form of equity. This fact makes factoring more attainable than traditional bank and equity financing. There are usually three parties involved when an invoice is factored:

  • Seller of the product or service who originates the invoice.
  • Debtor is the customer of the seller (i.e., the recipient of the invoice for services rendered who promises to pay the balance within the agreed payment terms).
  • Factor (the factoring company)

Domain Name Tips:

Our high quality domain names are easier to brand, easier to remember and it's hard to misspell. when selecting a domain name, you have to make sure that it's easy to remember and sounds good. your domain name should relate to your business. If you use keywords which relate to your business industry, you will help your search engine rankings. What's even better is if you can get your actual business name or a name similar to your company name as your domain name, all of your off-line branding will pay off online. Internet users will be able to guess your domain name from your business name. Rythmia Domain Company will hopefully provide you with the domain name that suits your business best.


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When looking for financing, consider the expertise a value-added investor can offer.

By David R. Evanson | Entrepreneur Magazine - July 1997

Entrepreneur Gerard Powell attributes his success to a simple strategy: Take a product or service that is sold only to the wealthy and make it affordable to the masses. Read more...